Pokemon Chara Kids (1998)
These are they're absolutely adorable. Justin says they came with some kind of candy. As far as I know they're Japanese exclusives, along with the rest of our Kids. All we're missing from this set is James.
Pokemon Anime Kids 2 (1999)
They're based off of characters from the anime. The Dragonite is from the first movie, the Pikachu is Richie's Pikachu, Sparky, and the Zapdos is from that one episode where a Zapdos broke in half. What, you don't remember?
New Pokemon Kids 1 (1999)
I THINK this is an official Kid, but all it says on the back is "TM&(C) 1999 Nintendo CHINA." The rest of the Kids say Bandai on them. Justin says it came from a cereal box (he's 98% sure.) If it's not a Kid, it's just like one. Hollow on the inside with a hole in the bottom. 

Takara Tomy

Monster Collection: First Generation (1998)
You'll have to forgive me if I categorize these figures wrong. There are literally thousands of these things by Tomy, and whats worse the ones in America were distributed by Hasbro but still say Tomy on them. So I'll do my best to sort them out based on which figures we have and what Justin and I remember we used to have. Anyway, the Clefable and Clefairy Doll figures I got at a place called Time Zone in Sherman Oaks way back when at some kid's birthday party. They were in a little plastic baggy and aren't even marked with a copyright or anything, they only say "Made in China" on them, which leads me to believe they may be counterfeit. The Lapras I found on the ground at some point, so it may not be Japanese at all.
Grabber Ball Figures (1998)
These are almost from two entirely different series, as the Bulbasaur is Japanese and the Zubat is American. Justin says he remembers having a Golduck at some point, so I can assume the Zubat came in that set. There's pitifully little information online about how to sort these things out considering what a huge franchise Pokemon is.
Pokemon Mate Mini-Playset: Polywhirl and Squirtle (1998)
I hope I got the date right on this one, I can't find a release date for the Japanese one anywhere. Justin had a lot of Japanese Pokemon toys as a kid, I'm jealous. Anyway, this one is an itty bitty playhouse, the Japanese version of the Pokemon House playsets. The logo made me think it was counterfeit, but it's legit.
Large Poseable Pikachu Figure (1998)
This was a gift from my friend Angela, from when she visited Japan a few years ago. I have no idea what series it's from, Google was unhelpful and since I can't read the tag I'm out of luck. All I know is on its foot it says "1998." I had to remove the tag to keep it from getting destroyed when I had kittens. If it helps ID this thing, it's about 5 inches tall. If anyone knows, feel free to email me!
Unsorted from the Monster Collection (199?)
These are all American, but I couldn't fit them into any sets, considering what other figures we have and have had in the past. The Pikachu is counterfeit, as it only says "Made in China" on the back, but I've seen a similar Pikachu as part of the Monster Collection. If you can help me out with which sets these came in, feel free to email me! 
Gacha Buildable Figure Series 2: Grovyle (2006)
This guy is itttttyyy bitty. Got him from a vending machine couple years ago.

Gacha Danglers (????)
I cannot find years for the release dates of these things ANYWHERE. They're not even printed on the figures themselves. These are essentially cell phone charms. I used the Jirachis until their straps fell off their heads and then I used Manaphy for a while, which is why it's so beat up.


Battle Figure Sets (1999)
Again, most of this is based on what we remember having. Justin said he used to have a Sandslash, a Geodude, a Hitmonlee and a Metapod, and I KNOW I had a Golduck (I was actually under the impression I still had it, and was surprised it wasn't with the rest of my figures.) 
PokeBall Blaster Sets (1999)
All of these came in sets of three, but we only have two of each set now. The Pikachus came with a third chu, the Poliwag and Poliwrath had a Poliwhirl, and the Raichu and Pidgeot had an Eevee (weird combo.) The GameBoy-looking thing was the "Blaster," and you loaded that red... I think it was supposed to be a Master Ball, into the end of it. Press down on the screen and the ball would shoot out. My friends and I mostly just used them to shoot each other with, not the figures.

Edit: Justin INSISTS the Poliwrath came from a Poptart box, but it would be a lot of work to move it, so as a note, the Poliwag must have been Japanese and was packaged individually.
Poke-Pack Sets (1999 & 2000)
These were sets of five figures each. Interestingly, we still have one full set, but they're made up of figures that belonged to both Justin and me. He said he used to have a Moltres and an Onix, but couldn't remember having a Hoothoot, so I just had to guess on the last set.
Pokemon House: Forest Adventure (1999)
Mine is in way worse shape than Justin's because I played with this thing ALL THE TIME. And outside too. My cat got to Pikachu so he has some teeth marks in his tummy (ouch), and I'm missing the bridge and the sign. I'm proud of myself for not losing Oddish and Pikachu though.
Electronic Figure: Mew (1999)
It just says its name when you walk by it. Takes those small cell batteries. I used to have the Pikachu from this series too, the one that nodded "yes" or shook its head "no." My mom and I had to go to like six different stores to find batteries for that one, and then it didn't even work when we finally did.
Deluxe Trainer: Ash and Pikachu (2000)
This is the fourth release in this series, and the only one to have articulated joints. I got this figure the same day I went to go see The Power of One with my grandparents. They hated the movie and complained the whole time. Unfortunately I don't have his backpack anymore, so Pikachu can't stand on his shoulders.

Deluxe Trainer: Misty and Horsea (2000)
Complete in box! I really want to open her but I won't, I have enough self restraint. She's European as you can tell by the packaging. Interestingly her legs don't bend. I wonder why?

Trainer's Choice Ultra Battle Electronic Figures (2004)
Aha! Thanks to eBay, these figures have been identified. I got them out of a clearance bin at Toys R Us years ago.

Basic Fun

Pokemon Keychains (1999 & 2004)
The Pikachu, Squirtle, Skitty and Chatot are mine, and the Polywhirl is Justin's. I used to have a Snorlax too, but I'm pretty sure it's at my dad's house in California. The paint comes off of these really easily. I had to buy a second Pikachu because my old one's whole face came off. Scared the crap out of me as a kid.

Jakks Pacific

Pokemon Battle Frontier Series 2 Basic Figure 3-Pack: Meowth, Groudon & Aipom (2007)
I think I got this at Walmart when I was with my little brother. I hate shopping at Walmart. The figures are adorable though. And posable!

OddzOn Inc.

Pokemon Sliders: Blastoise, Pikachu and Jigglypuff (1999)
This is an odd set, you're supposed to roll them along a table and slam them into each other (hence the little metal balls in their butts). I guess the game is a little like Pokemon sumo wrestling. One of my viewers, Mason, sent me another Pikachu to the replace the one I lost as a kid, so now the set is complete again! Thanks Mason!

Medicom USA

Real Action Heroes 220: Limited Edition Ash With Pikachu Figure (2006)
This is the crowned jewel of my collection. For Pokemon's 10th anniversary, they released a bunch of rare limited edition items on, and this was among them. Only 1,500 were made. I've looked all over the box and I can't see what number out of the 1,500 mine is, but either way I'm happy I have it. It was the first thing I ever bought for myself with money I earned. I removed him from the box once or twice, but never played with him.


Cosrich Group Personal Care Line Pokemon Bath & Shower Sudz (1999)
It was almost impossible to track this line down, the company's website is long defunct. Anyway, this line of bath products came with a few different Pokemon figures. I'm not sure if one product came with a certain Pokemon or what. Either way, these are Justin's.
Burger King Promotional Toys (1999)
My sister and I hated Burger King, but we managed to coax our mom into taking us so we could some of these toys. This promotional dealie was for the first movie, and I remember everyone wanted that light up Mew (my neighbors actually got it). We went a few times during this promotion, but kept getting Shelders. I also had a Dragonite keychain from this series at one point too.
Topps Pokemon Popzoid Charmeleon (1999)
Popzoids were lollipops that had entire figures encased inside of them, apparently. Justin got this figure from one. It's still slightly sticky and smells a little like candy, even though it's been washed several times.
Kellog's Pikachu Top (2000)
Justin said he got this from a cereal box, but aside from that I don't know much else about it. I'll ask him for more info to update this section with.
McDonalds Promotional Toys (2011)
I love Oshawatt, so when I found out it was one of the toys they were giving out with Happy Meals I sucked up my pride and asked the guy at the counter for a Happy Meal Toy. Justin did too, so we have two. They're bobble heads, or bobble bodies, and wobble from the waist up.


Do you know what series any of these are from? Email me at [email protected]


Pokemon Center

Pokemon Advanced Mudkip and Treecko (2004)
As far as I understand, these are actually Pokemon Center Pokedolls, but they were distributed in France by Bandai. Ordered them on eBay several years ago.

Pokemon Center Pokedolls (2007 & 2010)
I've heard Jirachi was recalled due to ends of sewing needles ending up inside some. Yikes! The Skitty I got on eBay and it came without a tag, so I'm not 100% positive it's a PokeDoll, but it's from the same year and is the same size as this Eevee PokeDoll that DID have a tag, so I'm putting it in this category for now. The Eevee was sent to me all the way from Mexico by Andres! He wrapped it very cutely and even gave it a little bow! I'll leave the bow on it, it's charming!

Pokemon Center Skitty Plush (2012)
A slightly larger skitty plush that lays on its tummy and is really hard to photograph.

Takara Tomy

Small Clefairy Plush (1998)
I got this at the WB Store, so I know its American distributed, but its tag is long gone so I have no idea by which company. One of its teeth and one of its cheeks has broken off. Maybe someday I'll get some fabric glue and some felt and fix it up a bit.

Best Wishes Eevee Plush (201?)
Oddly theres no copyright year on the tag, all it says is Takara Tomy, Made in China, and Copyright Nintendo/Pokemon. This was a gift from Sweden from Simon! Thank you very much for sending this in Simon!


Bean-Filled Plush Figures: First Release (1998)
According to the internet, these were released in 1999, but according to their tags, they were released in 1998. Got these at the WB Store and at Toys R US.
Electronic Plushes (1999)
The Pikachu is the I Choose You Pikachu, it talks and wiggles its ears and mouth. The Togepi doesn't have a fancy name and it vibrates and says "Toge-priiiii". I used to have more than one of these Pikachus but I gave one away to my friend's little brother when I moved. There was also a Mew in this series that I remember I always wanted, but I only saw it in the store once.
Quick-Change PokeBall: First Release (1999)
Cute little Polywag! Justin loved this plush as a kid. Personally I think the idea is a bit gruesome. 
Pokemon Jumbo Plush Pikachu (1999)
Big ol' cuddly Pikachu. When I got it it was practically as big as I was.
Small Heracross Plush (2000)
According to the internet, this guy is super rare. Evidentally Hasbro got really lazy with distributing the 2nd gen plushes, so most of them are rare. Either way, I love this guy. It was Justin's first ever gift to me on the day I met him.
Advance Generation Plusle & Minun Beanies (2004)
Finally got a Minun to go with the Plusle! They're so happy together.

Jakks Pacific

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Series 4 Beanies (2007)
I got the Wobbufett new from a retail store, but ordered the Meowth later because I love the shape of the eyes they gave it! Probably one of the prettiest Meowth plushes out there.
Pokemon Black & White Beanies (2011)
Justin, knowing how much I like Oshawatt, got me this lil' fellow for Christmas last year. I got Munna at Toys R Us with my little brother, and Justin picked up Snivy at Target.

Reversable Plush: Pansage (2011)
This was a gift from my dad. My little brother has the same one. I kept him in his box for a long time but when we moved I decided it would be one less thing to worry about so I snapped some pictures right before I removed him.


KFC Beanies (1998)
Though Justin isn't normally a customer of KFC, he went just to get these beanie. He had the whole set back in the day.
Pokemon Playable: Charmander (1998)
This was my sister's. She used to pinch my lip in the keychain for fun. It hurt like a mother fucker.


Large Charmander Plush (1999)

Most of the Play-by-Play Pokemon plushes are pretty ugly but they did a nice job with this once.  He's about 20" tall and filled with beans (so he's not very cuddly unfortunately).


Large-Sized Plush Elekid (1999)
Don't know a lot about this one. Got it from an anime-merch stand at a mall in my home town. Can't read its tag so I have no idea what series it's from.
UFOs (2007-2012)
All three of these I think I got as gifts for Justin.
Pokemon Plush Cube (2009)
Unfortunately I can't find any more info about this one. I got it from a cart at the mall in my hometown, the same one I got Elekid from. My only guess is that this is some kind of toy for younger Pokemon fans. They made a bunch of these, one with all green Pokemon, one with all orange, etc.


Meowth Cuddle Pillow (2000)

Evidently these were made by Nintendo and then either sold or given away as carnival prizes. I know they were fairly common though. It's definitely the biggest plush I own, at around 24" tall.

Franco and Sons, Inc.

Pokemon Bath Sponge Buddie Mew (1998)
This is another rarity in my collection. It's my understanding that they released a Mew and Mewtwo in this series very very briefly, and they're highly sought after by Mew and Mewtwo collectors. I just happened to see this at Toys R Us back in the day and picked it up. I'm really glad I did now.

TY Beanie Babies

Axew Beanie Baby (2011)
This was sent in by Marc from Europe along with a few other goodies. Axew is soooo soft and cuddly I absolutely love it. Feels like it took Ty way too long to get in on the whole Pokemon thing doesn't it?


Crochet Skitty Plush (2012)
This was made by my friend Krystle Santiago. She offered to give it to me for free, but I liked it so much I paid $20 for it in her etsy shop! It's one of my favorite plushes now, I'm so happy to finally have my own Skitty!

Crochet Milotic Plush (2013)
Krystle made this one for Justin, and it's amazing! She said she had to make the patern herself from scratch and it turned out great. There's even a wire inside so you can pose Milotic any way you want.

Role-Play Toys

Tiger Electronics

Interactive PokeDex (1998)
Of course this thing needs new batteries, so we can't show it working, but it had little LED images of the Pokemon as well as some Pokedex data for each one. It also functioned as a calculator for some reason.

Jakks Pacific

Foam Pokeball (2007 & 2010)
I recently expanded my collection of foam Pokeballs so that I could decorate my apartment with them. The regular Pokeball is from 2007, and the Ultra, Premier, and Moon Balls are from 2010.