Video Games by Console

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Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System (1985)
I got this at a yard sale from a guy whose son is in the marines. He was selling some of his old junk, and this was one of the items for sale. I asked where the cords were, and the guy couldn't find them, so he gave this to me for free! It included 3 controllers and 2 games too. Lucky find eh? It's not in the greatest shape but it works just fine with an old phone's power cord and a double ended AV cable. They also had an SNES but it had a huge hole in it. How does that even happen?

Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers (1985-1988)
The two classic ones and the Max came with the NES at that yard sale. The Advantage and Zapper belonged to Justin's brother. Interestingly, though he grew up with the games, he holds no sentimental value for the hardware and prefers to emulate the games on his PS3 instead. I guess he just finds the games nostalgic, not the console itself. We don't actually have any games we can try the zapper on... yet...

Nintendo Entertainment System Games (1985-1990)
We don't own many yet. SMB3 and Kung Fu came with the NES, Dragon Warrior came from the shop where Justin and I met in person, and Double Dragon was a Christmas present from Justin.

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis Model 2 (1994)
Picked this up at a Goodwill for $15, but it didn't have any of its cords. Luckily the Sega Saturn AV Adapter works for the video, but I had difficulty tracking down a power cord that would fit. Though Model 1 Sega Genesis could use the same cord as the NES, the Model 2 is a little pickier. Eventually ended up with a 3rd party cord for it.

Sega Genesis Games (1991-1998)
Don't have very many, got Earthworm Jim not too long after finding the Genesis, and the rest I won in an eBay auction.


GameBoy Color (1998)
I'm not including the Pokemon one here cause it's already on the Games page. Anyway, the purple one belonged to my sister. My parents got me the Green one for Christmas in 1999, and my sister was so jealous she saved up for her own. As soon as she got it she played it for five minutes, spilled milk on it, and then never touched it again. I rescued it from her closet when she moved out and cleaned it up. Now it's almost as good as new!

Nylon GameBoy Color Carrying Case (1999)
My mom got this for me, used it all the time. It has two pockets and you can even play the GameBoy while it's stored in the case.

GameBoy Accessories (1998 & 2000)
The GameBoy Camera, Printer and Paper are legit, while the link cable, GameShark and "Power Pak" are 3rd party. The Power Pak never worked, and I don't seem to have it anymore. I do however, still have the instructions for some reason.

GameBoy/Color Games (1990-2002)
A lot of these are Japanese, I don't know why but I have a thing for Japanese games. For one thing they tend to be cheaper than English ones, for another there are like literally MILLIONS of them that were never released here (and about half of them are Hamster games for some reason). Remember, I'm NOT counting my Pokemon games here, for those you should head over to the Games page.

NeoGeo Pocket Color

Pac-Man (1999)
We don't even have the system, just this game.

GameBoy Advance

GameBoy Advance (2001)
Unfortunately, this is not my original GBA. When I was about 10 I got really sick with a cold. I went over to my grandparents house, and when it was time to go home my grandmother put a bottle of cough syrup in a bag with my GameBoy Advance, Action Replay, and Pokemon Sapphire. The bottle came open on the car ride home, and all but the Pokemon Sapphire game was ruined. I got this one as a replacement not long after.

GameBoy Advance SP (2003)
I saved up for my silver one with my allowance, it was the first really expensive thing I ever bought for myself. The sticker on it came with some headphones, haha. The "G. Skill" on the black one is just a sticker, though it has texture and sticks up.

GameBoy Micro (2005)
I got this new and saved the box for a long time, pisses me off that I don't seem to have it anymore. Anyway, this one is probably the rarest of my handhelds, especially since I have 3 faceplates for it.

GameBoy Advance Accessories (2001 & 2002)
I recently got an Action Replay MAX DUO, mostly because it's supposed to be able to back up your save files from both GBA and DS games, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for either one. Does function as a cheating device still at least. Dunno what happened to the GameShark, but I could literally never get it to work anyway.

GameBoy Advance Games (2001-2005)
Without the Pokemon games in here, this collection looks pretty small. Justin is working on collecting the Megaman Battle Network games so we have quite a few of them.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS (2004)
Around this time I started to ramp down on the handheld collecting, so I don't have every make or model of the DS like I do with the GBA (save for the SP 2 and color variations of course). Here's big ol' chunky butt.

Nintendo DS Lite (2006)
The gold one with the Triforce on it probably actually came out in 2007. Also it belongs to Justin. My black one no longer has a stylus, and the hinge is broken. How does this stuff happen? I take good care of my things.

Nintendo DS Accessories (2004 - 2010)
The Action Replays SUCK, especially the software. The DS Browser I got in a game trade with my friend Nicole, and the colorful styluses I got to replace My DS Lite's stylus. The USB adaptor I actually used to have to use every time I wanted to get online with my DS.

Nintendo DS Games (2004-2011)
We have a lot of doubles because Justin and I each have our own copies of them and we use them to play together. The Animal Crossing game Justin got used and without cover artwork, so I drew him the cover you see there.


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