School Supplies


School Supplies Set (1999)
I think my older sister got this as a party favor or something. I somehow ended up with it when she decided Pokemon wasn't cool anymore.

Notebook and Folder (1999)
I keep old magazine clippings in the folder, and as a very young kid I used it for school for several years, which is why it's in such terrible shape. The notebook is barely used.


Stickers (2005 - 2008)
I know I got the PMD stickers while I was waiting in line to download Mew at Toys R Us. They were out on a table in stacks, and thanks to Onat on Facebook I now know that the rest of the stickers came with the 3 pack of Jakks Pacific Pokemon figures on the Toys page. The Sinnoh Starter sticker sheet was sent in by Chris! Thanks Chris!

Pokemon Binder (1999)
I think this is a Nintendo product, the only copyright info on it says Nintendo, so that's what I'm going by. It zips up and has a nice little handle. I use it as my main card binder.


RoseArt Pokemon Markers (1999)
I never used these much as a kid, so they all still have ink left in them.

MonAmi Pikachu Mechanical Pencil (1999)
I think this was a gift from my friend Monika, but it may have also been from Angela (I'm a terrible friend.) It's actually broken, and it's from South Korea.

Elmer's Glue Pokemon Glue Sticks (1999)
I KNOW these were a gift from my friend Victoria. I still use them sometimes.

Accessory Network Team Rocket Lunch Pail (1999)
I used to also have a pail like this featuring artwork from the first movie, but I'm not sure what happened to it.

Merlin Series Pokemon Stickers (2005)
The stickers in the first image were sent in by Mary, and the stickers in the second image were sent in by Danielle! Thanks Mary and Danielle!

Pokemon Center Note Pad (2005)
This was sent in by Brendan! I wasn't sure whether to count it as a Nintendo product or to categorize the Pokemon Center merchandise seperately, and since this is the only Pokemon Center merch I own in this category on this page it got lumped under "Other" for now. Anyway, it's an adorable pad, thanks Brendan!

Loungefly Pikachu Keychain (2007)
Another gift from my good friend Angela. They sold these at Hot Topic when the first new wave of Pokemon merch hit.

Counterfeit Psyduck Eraser (1999)
Just says "CHINA" on the back so I'm assuming it's a fake. It used to have tufts of hair but they broke off.

Custom Pokemon Stickers (201?)
These were sent in by ShadowElliot, but I don't know who the original artist was that designed them! If any of you know, feel free to email me. They're quite cute!

Craft Supplies

Pikachu Fabric (2005)
I have several yards of this. We were at Joann's Fabrics (my mother is a quilter, so she frequents fabric stores) and the last few yards the had of this were on sale. I picked it up thinking I might make pillows or pajama pants out of it, but it's been several years and I've never used it yet. I think I'm too worried I'll screw up and waste it.


Cosrich Group Personal Care Line Pokemon Lip Balm (1999)
No one has ever used this. Would you put something that color near your mouth?

Merlin Collections Pokemon Tattoos (1999)
These were sent in by Levi! I had a hard time deciding whether or not I wanted to open it, and eventually decided to keep it sealed, so I have no idea what's inside. This also has a Topps logo on it, which leads me to believe it may have a trading card inside. Thanks Levi!