Viz Video Season One Tapes (1998)
I got most of these from my local video rental place when they were going out of business. Hence why I have more than one of Psychic Surprise. 

Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998)
An eBay find. Sadly unlike my other Japanese VHS this doesn't have any cute advertisements for Pokemon toys on it or Seiyuu interviews or anything like that. It doesn't even have The Origin of Mewtwo or Pikachu's Vacation on it. Just the movie.

Pokemon: The First Movie (1999)
I got this for $1 at Savers.

Pokemon The Movie 2000: The Power of One (2000)
Another tape I picked up from the old Hollywood Video near the house I grew up in when it went out of business. I was pretty happy to get it, cause this is by far my favorite Pokemon movie.

Pokemon The Movie 2000: The Power of One (2000)
Whaaa? I have TWO copies? Well this one was only a dollar and it has a plastic shell, see? It's totally worth buying again!

Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2000 (1999)
Funny that this wasn't actually released in 2000 (though it was released at the VERY END of 1999). I got this from Amazon, the listing said it was for the Japanese version of the actual MOVIE Pokemon 2000, and showed a picture of the VHS for Revelation Lugia. When it got here, it was obviously the wrong tape, but the guy said he didn't actually have the real thing, so I decided to just keep this one rather than asking for my money back. Its cute anyway, these shorts actually weren't released in America until 2006 when Chronicles aired.
Bootleg Tape (1999?)
Growing up, I really didn't get to watch TV much during the week because I was a busy little kid. My dad would record episodes for me to watch at his apartment on the weekends, and that was how I got to watch new Pokemon episodes. For the most part, he recorded over all of the Pokemon stuff, but two episodes survived on this tape. I have 21 of these tapes, and though I'm pretty sure none of them have any other episodes on them, pretty much all of them have advertisements for Pokemon games and merchandise.


Viz Video Season One DVDs (1999)
I'm ASSUMING these were released in '99, the date on the box says '98 but that seems absurd to me. Got these at a record store my dad's friend ran. 
Viz Video Pokemon Master Quest Box Set: Quest 1 (2004)
This set only includes episodes 1-32 of the Master Quest season. It's nicely packaged though. The back of the DVDs promise "subtitles are available!" which made me think there would be an option to watch the uncut episodes. Of course not!
Pokemon: The First Movie (1999)
I found this at a drug store, new in it's original plastic wrap, for $9. Unfortunately it didn't come with a promo card. Still, lucky find.
Pokemon 4 Ever (2003)
This was the only Pokemon DVD I had for a long time. My dad got rid of all our original DVDs and VHS tapes of the movies when he assumed we had "outgrown" them. So this was the start of me rebuilding my collection, bit by bit. The commentary is great, as opposed to the commentary track on the first movie, this one also features the VAs.
Pokemon Heroes The Movie (2003)
I don't even remember getting this one. I don't think I've had it very long. Wherever I got it, it was used.
Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker (2003)
I almost forgot we had it and nearly bought another one last month at Target. I want a Jirachi in real life, they seem so cuddly. 


Guide Books

Scholastic Official Pokemon Handbooks (1999 & 2001)
I know there was a Hoenn version made in this series because my neighbors had it, but I don't know if they made any after that. Unfortunately I don't have any of the posters these came with, and the first two are in crappy shape because I was a brat and checked off Pokemon I had caught as a kid. I got these all at a book-fair.
Scholastic Extreme Pokemon: The Guide for the Ultimate Fan (2000)
This is sort of like the handbook for the Orange Islands. It's only part guide, it has some bios of the characters from the anime and a map of the archipelago, but the rest of the book has quizzes and junk.

Scholastic Pokemon Fire Pokedex (2004)

This was something I had no idea existed until Lyman sent it in! Thank you Lyman!

Prima Pokemon Pocket Pokedex (2006)
Basically in book form. Except crappier.
Prima Game Guides Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness (2005)
I got these mostly for the collector's value, though I also got these before I knew Game FAQs existed. They came with posters, which you can see on the Apparel page.
St. Martin's Paperbacks How To Become a Pokemon Master (1999)
This pretty funny, and full of useless information. You can pretty much tell the guy was just trying to fill up pages, because he knew people would buy his book just because it has "Pokemon" in the title (and they did.)


Scholastic Meowth the Bigmouth: Pokemon Junior #2 (2000)
Not gonna lie, I was pretty slow learning to read. I was playing Red version before I properly learned to read, and as a result I had no idea how to save my game. My mom couldn't convince me it was worth learning until she got me these Pokemon books, and this book was the one that finally taught me. What a coincidence right? It's about Meowth learning to speak English, and it taught me to read English.
Scholastic Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (1999)
Got this at a book-fair. It's a novelized version of the first movie. I was pretty disappointed that the "bonus" pages were just screencaps.
Scholastic Pokemon The Four-Star Challenge (2000)
This is the 11th book in a series of novelized Pokemon episodes. We had some others, but they ended up getting donated somewhere or other. Anyway, this is the first "chapter book" I ever read by myself, and I was soooo proud. I was 7.

Activity Books

Scholastic The Offical Pokemon Collector's Sticker Book (1999)
I had this as a kid and used all the stickers and wrote in all the pages. Eventually it got thrown out or something. Recently I was at my friend Ambers house and she offered me this unused copy. Of course I snatched it right up. The cover is a little messy, cats occasionally like to puke on things, but it cleaned up really nicely. The idea is that you fill this out as you play through one of the Gen 1 games.

Golden Books Pokemon GS Tattoo Series #2 (2000)
My dad got this for me, I'm surprised I still have most of the tattoos. Unfortunately I colored in it poorly as a kid, but some pages are still untouched. 

Picture Books

Golden Books Pokemon Adventure Series #1 Bye Bye Butterfree (1999)
Way to completely ruin the story of the best Pokemon episode ever, huh? This book actually features a ton of original artwork, too bad most of it sucks.
Viz Kids Let's Find Pokemon! Complete Edition (2009)
Viz re-published this series in 2006, and this particular edition is from 2009. I had a bunch of these as a kid, but we donated them at some point. Was on a date with Justin when I saw this in the window of Barns and Noble and got super excited. Justin was sweet enough to get it for me. It contains all of the original books in one.


Viz Graphic Novel Pokemon Adventures (2000-2006)
We actually really don't have much of this manga, the only book I have is the "Best Of" book from '06. The rest of these are Justin's from around 2000 or 2001. 
Viz Graphic Novel Pokemon: Electric Tale of Pikachu (1999)
The books belong to Justin, and the soft cover issue is mine. Funny thing about that one, I found it at Toys R Us as a little girl, and when we brought it to the checkout they said it wasn't part of their inventory (it didn't have a bar code) and they just gave it to me for free. I wonder if some kid lost it there?
Viz Comics Magical Pokemon Journey Vol 2, No. 3: Arbok's First Love (2000)
This is by far my favorite Pokemon manga. I found it at Barns and Noble (the same one I got Let's Find Pokemon at, though 10 years earlier) and I checked back for more for weeks afterwards and never found another issue. 
Viz Kids All That Pikachu Ani-Manga (2006)
I thought it was bizarre that they were releasing this so late, but hey, it was Pokemon, so I picked it up. The spine is super stiff and it doesn't like to open all the way, but the entire thing is in color.
Viz Pikachu Meets the Press: A Pokemon Newspaper Strip Collection (2001)
I had no idea this strip ever even ran, but Justin has this anthology so it must have. It sure didn't run in any paper we got though.


Beckett Spotlight Pokemon: Unofficial Collector (2006 & 2007)
I have no idea how long this has been running for, it's an unofficial magazine that mostly focuses on merchandise. Occasionally they'll have an interview or an article here and there. As far as I know this magazine is still in print.
Pokemon Fan Spring 2006 Special Issue (2006)
This came with the Limited Edition Real Action Heroes Ash and Pikachu Figure I got for Pokemon's 10th anniversary. I have no idea if it's a regularly running magazine or something, as the inside seems to imply, but this is the only issue I've ever seen of it. Like the other magazine, this one is mostly a catalog for merch (that no longer actually sells lol), but it has a few articles. One features a little kid and his collection, it made me SO JEALOUS. I wanna be in an official Pokemon magazine!



KOCH Records 2.B.A. Master (1999)
Unfortunately we only have the disc anymore. It includes a music video for the PokeRap, but the CD is so old we can't get the thing working. At least it still plays music fine.
Pikachu Records Soratobu Pokémon Kids! (1999)
I'm not sure if this is in it's original case or what, it's missing the back label. Though, it may not have ever had one, I have no idea what Japanese CDs are normally like. Also came with a cute handkerchief. 

Music Boxes

Tomy Pokemon Center Pikachu and Caterpie Music Box (1999)
This is one of my all time favorite Pokemon items. Justin gave it to me about a year before we moved in together, and it plays Oyasumi Boku no Pikachu. You can see a video of it in action here.

Tomy Pokemon Center Squirtle and Poliwhirl Music Box (1999)
A seller on eBay had 4 of these in stock for $40 that I had my eye on for a long while. Eventually fewer and fewer were available, and I eventually decided it was worth the price and bought one. When it arrived it was taped shut, but I thought the seller had just re-taped it, so cut the tape, opened the box,  pulled out the styrophoam, carefully cut the tape along one side, and discovered the music box was actually still in its original plastic wrapping and that I had made a horrible mistake because it had probably actually never been opened. So I stopped at that point, took some photographs, and put it all back in its box. At least I left part of it unopened, and it still has all of its packaging. This music box plays Hyaku Go Juuichi, and you can see a video of it in action here.