Video Games


Pocket Monsters Red (1996)

This was a gift from my friend Sean! I don't think he was aware when he bought it that the box had been squished, unfortunately, so it's not in mint condition, but regardless it made me incredibly happy! Thank you Sean!

Pocket Monsters Green (1996)
I got this for Justin for his birthday a year or two ago. It came complete in box, with its manual, poster, and even the link cable instructions. The box has a little bit of wear on it but we're doing our best to keep it in good shape.

Pocket Monsters Blue (1996)

This was a gift from my good friend Krystle! She sent me the game in a nice plastic case, with a cute drawing of Skitty!

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow (1998 & 1999)
The copies in nice protective cases are Justin's, and the ugly messed-up copies are mine. I used to try to tear the labels off so I could play them in public without people making fun of me for it (I was stupid and young and tired of getting teased.) I feel bad about it now, but at least its easy to tell them apart. My original Red fell off a folding chair at an auditorium several years ago and now no longer saves, so I bought the nicer looking one as a replacement. 
Pokemon Pinball and Pokemon Trading Card Game (1999 & 2000)
One copy for each of us of both games. I bought my copy of the TCG at the small game repair shop where Justin and I met in person for the first time. My copy of Pinball is also the first video game I ever owned or played.

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (2000)
Found this quite cheap with its box. Just missing the manual!

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal (2000 & 2001)
Had the games from when we were kids, picked up the boxes recently for $10 each, though I'm not sure it was a good deal given their condition. Justin actually was able to play Gold and Silver before they were released at a pre-release event. The Pikachu Volkswagen was also there, and he got to take a picture with it. Aww cute lil' Justin!
Pocket Monsters Gold (1999)
Interesting that the cartridges are colored, but dark blue instead of their version colors.

Pokemon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! (2001)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but acording to many sources on the internet this is a bit of a rare game. Even on Japanese shopping sites most listings seem to be for  ¥‎5,000 to  ¥12,800 ($50-$130 in USD). Recently my friend Jimmy said he ordered just the cart of this game from PokeVault for about $20, and instead a CIB copy showed up in his mail. So, I figured I'd try the same and I ordered a copy for around the same amount from the same listing. Once again, I ended up with a CIB copy rather than just a loose cart, and it's in pristine condition too!

Limited Edition Pokemon GameBoy Color: Gold and Silver (2001)
Cute GameBoy I got recently. Pikachu's cheek lights up when you turn the system on. Adorable! The system looks either golden or silver depending on the lighting its in. Its a rather clever effect. I do believe this was a Toys R Us exclusive back in the day.
Pikachu Link Cable (1999)
This is Justin's birthday gift to me, he got it from the same seller I purchased the Japanese Gold version from. He pointed it out to me and told me he bid on it, and I got SO EXCITED. I had heard of this, but never ever seen it on eBay before. So then he played a really mean trick on me and told me he was outbid at the last second. I got really depressed and he eventually told me he actually won it, but was ALMOST outbid by a sniper who bid too little. Later a version with different packaging popped up on eBay. Anyway, I love it. Best birthday gift ever!

Nintendo 64

Pocket Monstsers Stadium (1998)
This is the Japanese Stadium 1, or Stadium 0 according to some American fans. I'm considering modifying one of our many Nintendo 64s to play it on, but I don't have the proper tools (and I definitely don't want to damage the cart itself.) But hey, another Japanese exclusive to add to our collection, even if I can't play it yet.

Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 (1999)

Though this is called Stadium 2, its the Japanese equivalent of our Stadium 1. Curiously, the previous owner seems to have left a set of unopened labels in the box for this game. I doubt that it's something that's supposed to come with it, because apparently it cost them ¥‎120.

Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Puzzle League (1999 & 2000)
Snap's manual has been located, it was hiding inside one of my Pokemon mangas.
Hey You Pikachu (2000)
We have two copies, one each, and three VRUs. Wut? Well, one of them came with my Pikachu Nintendo 64, but it doesn't have a mic to go with it. NONE of them have the yellow foam ball, or the plastic piece that attaches the mic to the controller.
Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 (2000 & 2001)
For some reason Stadium 2 didn't come with a transfer pak, though I know some versions of the game must have come with it.
Limited Edition Pokemon Nintendo 64 Console (2000)
I feel like I may have been ripped off on this one. I got this on eBay and it has a ton of places where the plastic is cracked and chipped. I had to fill in places on Pikachu's nose, eyes and ears with a black sharpie. It's also really dirty and doesn't read the cartridges well. On the plus side, its cheeks light up when it's turned on, and its foot is the reset button. Didn't come with it's controller, sadly. My mom told me she considered getting me one back in the day, but she was worried I'd outgrow Pokemon and I'd appreciate a basic N64 more. How could she have ever known right? I'm glad she at least thought of me. It was sweet that she put that much thought into it.

GameBoy Advance

Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald (2003 & 2005)
I recently tracked down some boxes to go with Ruby and Sapphire. Though the Ruby box is legitimate, unfortunately the rampant 3rd gen fakery isn't exclusive to the carts themselves, and I was duped into buying a counterfiet box for Sapphire (it even came with a fake manual.) Hopefully some time I will find a legitimate Sapphire box, but for now the fake one at least makes a nice display for the game, which IS legit.
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire and GBA Video: Pokemon Vol. 1 (2003 & 2004)
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire was a Christmas gift Justin gave to me last year. The GBA Video has two episodes on it, but they're not the first two episodes. They're "I Choose You Pikachu," and "Here Comes the Squirte Squad." Weird, no? 
Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green (2004)
Also got these when they were new. I'm not sure what happened to the other wireless adapter, I guess it got lost somewhere when we moved. What a shame! I only have one that I'll never ever be able to use now!

Pikachu GameBoy Advance SP (2005)
I have wanted this for a very long time, and now it's finally part of my collection. On the day I went to download Mew in 2006, I saw the Toys R Us exclusive localized version on display, and I've wanted it ever since. This is the Japanese Pokemon Center version instead, but it is essentially the exact same console. I believe this model has a brighter backlit screen as well.

Nintendo GameCube

Pokemon Channel (2003)
Adorable game, but barely a game. Don't worry, I didn't pay the price on the sticker for it, I got it used for like $8.

Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire (2004)
Got this for $18! Though it's the PAL version, which is significantly less rare. The complete game comes with a memory card, which this did not (though a normal memory card works fine too). Unfortunately my 3rd party GBA GC Link Cable is really finicky which makes this hard to use. Only managed to get it to connect once and now the Pokemon are trapped on there.

Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (2004 & 2005)
I've actually never sat down and beaten either of these games. Justin has beaten XD though.

Nintendo DS

Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Trozei and Pokemon Ranger (2005-2006)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Exlorers of Sky (2005 & 2009)
I'm not a huge fan of this series so far. Explorers of Sky belongs to Justin. I used to have PMD: Red Rescue Team as well, but I traded it to a friend for her DS Browser.
Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum (2007 & 2009)
One of the Diamonds is Justin's, and the Platinum doesn't belong to either of us. I'm actually borrowing it from my good friend Vidit for an upcoming review.

Pocket Monsters Platinum (2008)
A viewer, Adam, recently very generously sent me an entire box full of Japanese goodies, including this Japanese copy of Platinum! I'm so grateful to have such generous fans!

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver (2010)
The Heart Gold is mine, and the Soul Silver is Justin's. Unfortunately the box for his ended up in storage somewhere, but he did save it. We need to change the batteries in our Pokewalkers. I think I have a Skarmory trapped on mine!
Pokemon Black and White (2011)
I got Black for Justin for Christmas or his birthday (I can't remember!) and Vidit gave me White as a gift!

Pokemon Black and White 2 (2012)
I got White 2 for free for doing a promotion for The Game Alley, and I recently got Justin a copy of Black 2.

Orange Nintendo DS Carrying Case (20??)
I could not find ANY information about this thing online, not even confirmation that one besides this one exists. Interestingly, there's copyright info for the anime on the back, not just GameFreak and Nintendo, and there's no year. If you know anything about this case, please let me know!

Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Rumble Blast (2011)
I got this one to play with my little brother, only to find that it doesn't have Wi-Fi multiplayer! Argh. Fun little game regardless.

Eevee Friends 3DS Sylveon Touch Pen (2013)
Though they are of course always making Eeveelution merchandise, they got a special merch line to celebrate the Sylveon short before the Genesect movie called "Eevee Friends." This stylus was also sent in by Adam from Japan! Thanks Adam!

Games Featuring Pokemon

Super Smash Bros Series (1999-2008)
I don't really count these as Pokemon games, but Serebii does so here they are.

Other Games

PC Games

Wizards of the Coast Pokemon: Play It! Trading Card Game CD-ROM (2000)
This is Justin's, it came with a deck of Pokemon cards. I can't get it to work properly on my virtual PC (though I doubt it worked very well on an actual 98 either). It's fucking creepy, so I'm not sure it's much of a loss.
The Learning Company PokeROM: Slowking and Lugia (2000)
I can't even get these into my computer, they're very small, and my disc tray is vertical. Once one of them actually rolled down inside of my computer and I had to unplug the entire thing and shake it with the tray open until it fell out. It won't work properly on Justin's computer either, but apparently they're educational games, with one puzzle per disc.

Board Games

Hasbro Pokemon Master Trainer (1999)
Though this is the only board game I have that still has all its pieces, it's not in great shape. My cat made a mess (to put it politely) on the box, so there's a little place where the cardboard is dented. The board has also torn into three individual pieces.
Milton Bradley Pokemon Yahtzee Jr. (1999)
I got this as a birthday gift when I was six. I didn't really know how to play Yahtzee and no one cared to explain it to me. Eventually we lost all the pieces and my cat used these die as toys (which is why they're in such crappy shape.) 

Parker Brothers Pokemon Monopoly: Collectors Edition (1999)

This was sent in by Cody! Because there aren't any plastic bags or rubber bands to hold everything down inside the box (I don't have any either) the pieces tend to get scrambled really easily and it's hard to tell whether or not it arrived with all of the pieces anyway. I'm not brushed up on my Pokemon Board games enough to know what the difference is between the collectors edition and the regular one. But this is one of the board games I've been wanting for a long time, so thank you for sending it in Cody! Marc also sent a copy in recently! Thanks Marc!

Milton Bradley Pokemon Memory Game (2000)
Found this one in a thrift store. It's only missing one piece, a Togepi. The title says it all, just a basic memory game. Gotta match 'em all!

Hasbro Pokemon THINKChip Battle Stadium (2000) 
Another one I don't have most of the pieces for anymore. The squritle and two cards pictured with it are mine, but the rest I don't own. One of my viewers, Zach, let me borrow his set for a video, so everything else pictured belongs to him. I just figured I'd document it for the site before I mailed it back.

Hasbro Pokemon THINKChip Ash & Cyndaquil (2000)

Minus the Cyndaquil. I actually picked this up for $20 to help with the Battle Stadium video, since this figure can be used to "train" your THINKChip Pokemon. It's pretty tall, probably about a foot high, and it has Veronica Taylors voice on it. Unfortunately the phrasing is really awkward though so he sounds constipated every time he talks.

Pressman Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokeball Flip Game (2007)
I have no idea how to play this. The game itself is like war, but with gravity and a timer thrown in. I really don't get it. The instructions are two pages long but they don't help much. Found this at the same thrift store as the Pokemon Memory Game, and this one had all its pieces.


Game Freak Pokemon Pikachu (1998)
Its battery is dead and the screws appear to be either stripped or rusted shut. Maybe someday we'll be able to get it open and working again. For the uninitiated, the Pokemon Pikachu was a virtual pet, like a Tamagotchi. 
Hasbro Pokemon Battling Coins (1999)
These are a bit odd, I STILL don't know how this game works. Apparently there were three of them, but only two have survived the 13 years since then. They're actually very heavy, they're made out of real metal.