Ash Hat (1999)
This came from a Target store way back when. The tag inside says it's an official licensed product of Nintendo. The only other Ash hats I've seen online are unlicensed. There is no year anywhere on this hat but someone emailed me and pointed out it was from 1999. I can't remember who, sorry!

Berkshire Fashions Inc Pikachu Umbrella (2000)
This is one of those items I forgot to photograph while I was building the site originally. I got this at a little shoe store in the mall as a kid and used it a lot. There are some holes in the top so it doesn't work all that well as an umbrella anymore, but it makes a neat collectors item. I found it in the garage when we were moving and I'm glad I still have it.

Pokemon T-Shirts (2007 & 2012)
These are official licensed merch that were sold at Hot Topic in 2007. They're really really unflattering on me for some reason, so I don't wear them that often. The blue one is from 2012 and was a gift from my friend Sarah!
AZ Pino Piao Counterfeit Pikachu Sweatshirt (2012?)
I have no idea whether or not this is actually licensed or what, but the tag inside doesn't say Pokemon, it says "AZ Pino Piao." The only indication that his is Pokemon is the logo in the front. I got this from an eBay seller from Hong Kong. It's dry clean only! Once again, if you have more info, feel free to send me an email.

Pikachu Shorts (2012)
These are legit, got them at Hot Topic for 25% off. I got the smallest size they had thinking they'd probably be like falling off of me, but it turns out they're like super snug on me. Not something I'd ever wear in public, but they're sooo cute!

Pikachu Peruvian Beanie (2012)
I saw this at the mall when I was there with my friend Shawnee and didn't have the money for it. She actually got it for me as a gift and surprised me with it later! Such a sweet girl! I'm naming this entry based on what it's listed as on Hot Topic's website.

Homemade Pokemon Skirt (2013)
This skirt came from Etsy. In the picture it looked really cute, but once it arrived I discovered the fabric is almost as stiff as cardboard and it's really thick! It also appears to be counterfiet fabric. Caterpie is blue and I don't remember "Pokemon Magic" ever being a thing.


Pokemon Master Trainer Necklace: Pikachu (1999)
Unfortunately I can't find more info on this one right now. It was a gift from my dear friend Gisselle, and I looked it up when she first gave it to me and was able to find an image of it in it's original packaging, but now I can't seem to. It's got a very long yellow string, but I'm not sure if that's its original chain or not.
Counterfeit Pikachu Watch (1999)
I don't even know where I got this. I think I either found it on the ground somewhere or my grandparents got it for me. Either way, it's not official, there's no licence information anywhere (not even a "Made in China") and Pikachu has black stripes on his head. I thought this was supposed to be Mewtwo's cloned Pikachu from the first movie for ages. It no longer keeps time.

Pikachu Wristband (2008)
Where else, it's from Hot Topic. I actually forgot I had this when I was first taking images for the site, so here it is!

Pikachu Wallet (2009)
Another retired Hot Topic item. I actually actively use this as my wallet, which is why it's a little beat up.

Homemade Pikachu Bracelet (2013)
This was made and sent in by one of my viewers, Elizabeth! She said she made it white and red to match the colors of a Pokeball, and even packaged it inside one of the Pokeballs from the Basic Fun keychains! Its very well made, I do have to wonder where the Pikachu came from though!

Homemade Ducttape Wallet (2013)
Whoever made this put a lot of effort into it, used at least four different colors and even used velcro to help it stay securely closed! However, they did not put a return address on the envelope, so I have no idea who sent it in. Thanks for the wallet Anonymous!



Pokemon The First Movie Poster (1999)
This is Justin's, he has no idea where he got it. It has Japanese concept artwork on the back, including art from Mewtwo's Origin. Unfortunately it has some scotch tape on it. I managed to take some pictures of the back when we moved.
Prima Game Guide Posters (2005)
These came with the game guides for Emerald and XD Gale of Darkness. Unfortunately I had them taped to my walls at my old house so they have some old pieces of scotch tape stuck to them for all eternity.

Skitty and Meowth Painting (2013)
This was painted by Mikayla (I hope I spelled your name right!) and sent in to Pelipper's Mailbag. It's the original canvas, which is something I have never displayed before, so I'll need to find the best way to hang it! I don't know what kind of paint she used, but I love the end result! Thanks Mikayla!


Tiger Electronics Talking Pikachu Piggy Bank (1999)
This was sent in by Dylan! It's quite cute on the exterior, but the sounds it makes are all really either angry or sad sounding. Maybe it just needs new batteries, I dunno. Coins seem to get stuck on their way in sometimes, but otherwise it's a fully functional piggy bank. Thanks Dylan!

Franco Pokemon Vinyl Shower Curtain (1999)
I was a little spoiled growing up (WHAT REALLY?) and I had a shower with a nice glass sliding door in the house I grew up in. When we moved out here, my shower just had a curtain rod. I decided the only way I could manage was if I had an awesome Pokemon shower curtain, so I went online and found this one. It may be the last of it's kind, but don't worry, I take good care of it.
Counterfeit Pokemon Clock (199?)
This one no longer keeps time, probably just needs a new battery.
Welch's Jelly Containers (2000)
There were 9 of these, but most of them were flavors no one in our house ate, so these are the only two we ended up with. I have no idea which flavors these were. I'm guessing one was strawberry and the other grape.

WADE Ceramic Bowl (2000)
Not too exciting, just a little ceramic bowl with Ash and friends on it.

Homemade Pokemon Tile Coaster (2006)
I made this! Hahaha. In my 7th grade art class.

Counterfeit Mouse Pad (2012)
I wanna say this artwork may have originally been from Pokemon Kakeru Ka Na? But it's been altered so it's hard to tell. It's cute and aside from Pikachu's ears, it's not noticeably fake.

Pokemon Center Ichiban Kuji Blanket (2012)
Daniel from Singapore wrote in to let me know more about this blanket. Apparently it was given away as part of a monthly raffle that's done through the Pokemon Center called Ichiban Kuji. This particular blanket was made by Banpresto, but many toy companies participate in the raffle. While I'm disappointed the blanket was not as rare as I initially suspected, it's still a really cute blanket, so I'm still satisfied with it.